Bouncing Beaver Discovers God

Bouncing Beaver Discovers God:: A Drew’s Animals Book

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Awesome book, June 15, 2008, By Misty S. KochBouncing Beaver is a great book for introducing children to God. It gives you a building block to help build a child’s foundation of faith.
I would recommend this to anyone that has children. Read this book with them and explore God together.

I loved it and you will too!

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The book of Genesis literally comes alive in Bouncing Beaver Discovers God by Christian writer and photographer Jean A. Sturgill. Inspired by her own children’s awe of the natural world, the author enlists the help of two young boys to retell the Bible’s creation story. Robbie and Drew are brothers and best friends. They like to play and explore everything-sometimes on the Internet. Drew even has his own website about all sorts of animals in God’s kingdom. One day, they come face to face with the precocious, spunky, and rather eager Bouncing Beaver and she quite literally jumps off the website. She has a few questions and in her quest to learn more about the love of God, the two brothers join together to help teach her about creation and that God is all knowing, all powerful and that He is everywhere. (See video at the bottom of this page for more.)

ISBN: 978-1419678226

There are 19 color photos in the book. I don’t want to spoil it, so I will just give you a glimpse.